The Giving Tree

From compassionate hearts our
Giving Tree was born.

 Our program allows anyone to donate to a  fund  to help those in financial hardship  receive  massage during or after cancer  treatment.  

 You can donate any amount you choose.

 Your donation amount and a  sentiment will be  attached to your choice of  delicate treasures on our   tree. 

 A client in need may remove any amount from  the tree be it for a part of or the full amount  of the fee for their session, no questions asked. 


 Clients keep the ornament as a reminder of  kindness of those  around  them. 

 There are no questions asked of anyone  donating to or receiving from the tree.

 If our Giving Tree has meaning for you, we  invite you to make your donation today to  support someone in need through the process  of  their journey.


 Gift certificates are also an option should you  want to offer a full amount to someone special  in  your  life.  


Current Fund Total: $120

Located at

Recesso Physical Therapy

11 Garden Rd.

Plaistow, NH, 03865

Tel: 508.451.2758

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