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Schedule Your Appointment

Hours by Appointment:

Monday 9am -6pm

Tuesday 9am -2pm

Wednesday 9am -6pm

Thursday 9am -2pm

Friday 9am -2pm

Closed Sat/Sun

*1st time clients may call to schedule or pre pay online to secure an appointment.

We welcome you to enjoy our space and leave your worries at the door. This time is dedicated to you!
It's a time for you to let go of the outside world.  A time for you to leave everything else at the door and reconnect to the beautiful light inside of you.
First time clients please call or email for an appointment to get you started off right!
*you may still VIEW our availability via MassageBook with an option to prepay and secure your slot.

Established clients may book themselves at anytime without prepayment requirement through MassageBook. 

Secure an appointment today at your convenience!

Click the Booknow link below to get started!
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