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​​Traditional Massage

Cupping Massage

Oncology Massage

Hospice Massage

Lymphedema (CDT)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Relaxation/Energy Work

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I look forward to meeting you and sharing the gift of touch that I am so passionate about!

I completed my initial massage training in 2002 at                North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, NH. I am certified through the National Certification Board (NCBTMB) and am licensed to practice in both NH & MA.

Since then I'd practiced massage therapy part-time in addition to a full time career in Healthcare Finance. After thoughtful consideration I left my full time position in June 2015 to continue on a path in a field which speaks to my heart & soul to this very day.  


I have offered and trained in many familiar massage   modalities over the years. Most recently I have added Cupping Massage to my tool box! Cupping in our office utilizes soft, flexible silicone cups to aid in treatment. Let's talk about the benefits of this approach! This combined with IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue massage) provides optimal benefits that clients are so happy about!

Prior to cupping training I completed Advanced training in Oncology Massage and became certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) & Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) for the treatment and management of many conditions including Lymphedema and autoimmune illnesses.

On my guided path I feel especially blessed to have found supplemental training including Hospice Massage which has educated me to work safely and confidently with new or existing clients to provide comforting massage particularly during end of life care.


I believe it is important in massage therapy to recognize that every client is unique. My focus will always be to modify a massage session to each individual's needs for that day.

This may even include interaction with a client's medical care team with client approval as needed.


Guided by deeply rooted beliefs in the mind/body

connection I always combine the skills I have learned with    compassionate touch which feels so natural in all of my sessions.  


I invite you to experience the healing touch of massage which among other things can help reduce pain, decrease feelings of anxiety, improve mood, reduce fatigue and increase relaxation. A general overall sense of peace within...

Through compassionate care may we all find peace in the process of our journey.

We invite you to close your eyes and reconnect to the beautiful light inside each of you!

Allison Flanagan, LMT, CLT

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